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Suzhou Yanmeng Information Technology Co., Ltd. changdenk.com specializes in the production and research and development of adjustable power supplies / module power supplies. From source to product R & D, production and sales control. Main AC to DC, AC to AC, DC to DC, DC to AC, conventional and customized power / module requirements. Conventional coverage of voltage is 0-10000V, conventional coverage of current is 0-10000A, conventional coverage of frequency is 0-400KHZ, and conventional coverage of power is 0-400KW. The main protections are input under-voltage, output short-circuit, over-voltage, overload, over-temperature, etc. 标电源模块,变频电源,交直流纹波电源,LED非标驱动,光伏模组老化电源,光伏模拟电源,高压离子束电源,离子束高频偏压电源,柴油发电稳压电源,电池老化系统,电容器老化电源,电机老化电源,电镀电源,污水处理电源,石墨烯温控电源。 The main product categories include electronic loads, inverters, adjustable DC regulated power supplies, isolated / non-isolated non- standard power modules, variable frequency power, AC / DC ripple power, LED non-standard drives, photovoltaic module aging power, photovoltaic analog power , High voltage ion beam power supply, ion beam high frequency bias power supply, diesel power generation regulated power supply, battery aging system, capacitor aging power supply, motor aging power supply, electroplating power supply, sewage treatment power supply, graphene temperature control power supply.

Areas of expertise: R & D and replacement of imported power supplies, and support by national high-tech neighborhood power products.

Successful cases: high-frequency water treatment power (1MHZ), high-frequency underwater imaging power, high-frequency electric spark power, high-frequency coating power, photovoltaic high-voltage input power, high-voltage program-controlled excitation power, high-voltage electrostatic power, etc.

1: Coating / heating power supply is provided in the field of materials related equipment of the institute, which is a perfect substitute for foreign power solutions.

E-BEAM高压低压叠加电源, 完美替代国外电源方案。 2: E-BEAM high-voltage low-voltage superimposed power supply, a perfect replacement for foreign power solutions

3: Incentive power module provides professional solutions for the medical device field. :

高频脉冲电源适用于镀膜行业,实现超过国外性能指标更高的工作生产效率。 4: The high-frequency pulse power supply is suitable for the coating industry and achieves higher work productivity than foreign performance indicators.

5: The high-voltage input power supply provides a safe and stable power supply solution for high-voltage environments.

高频电火花电源,完美解决进口产品自己研发生产的需求。 6: High-frequency EDM power supply, perfectly meets the needs of imported products' own research and development and production.

7: Please consult us for more plans.

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大功率直流电源Business: customized DC power supply , DC regulated power supply , DC pulsed power supply , adjustable stabilized current supply , high power DC power supply ,
电源、 特种电源、模块 电源、 高压电源 Non-standard power, special power, module power, high voltage power
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