Future development of adjustable power supply

Post time: 2019-04-22 00:00

The control chip of the DC stabilized power supply adopts currently mature imported components, and the power components use the latest internationally developed high-power devices. The adjustable DC stabilized power supply design eliminates the bulk of the traditional DC power supply due to the power frequency transformer. . Compared with traditional power supplies, high-frequency DC power supplies have the advantages of small size, light weight, and high efficiency. At the same time, they have created conditions for reducing the size of high-power DC power supplies. This power supply is also known as a high-frequency adjustable switching power supply. The adjustable DC stabilized power supply has complete protection functions. The over-voltage and over-current points can be set continuously and previewed. The output voltage can be controlled by touch switches.

How folding works

When the input voltage of the parameter voltage regulator is 150V-260V, the output voltage regulation is effective at 220V. Below and above this range, its efficiency decreases. A single-chip microcomputer is used for the first step control, so that the input voltage below 310V and above 90V is adjusted and controlled in the range of 190V-250V, and the parameter voltage regulator is used to perform the voltage regulation effect very well.

The AC voltage input from the city power fluctuates greatly. After the interference voltage such as high-frequency pulses is filtered out by the overvoltage absorption filter circuit, it is sent to a DC switch stabilized power supply, an AC sampling circuit, and a control execution circuit.

The power of the DC switching stabilized power supply is small, but it can change the AC voltage of 60-320V to + 5V, + 12V, -12V DC voltage. + 5V voltage is used for single-chip microcomputer, and ± 12V voltage is used for high-power switch module of control circuit.

The single-chip microcomputer analyzes the input voltage data collected by the sampling circuit, sends out a control signal to the trigger circuit, and controls and adjusts the output voltage.

The control execution circuit is composed of a SSR zero-crossing switch high-power module and an autotransformer with a tap. An RC absorption circuit is used between the SSRs to absorb the overvoltage and overcurrent, so that the SSR will not be damaged during switching. The control execution circuit controls the input voltage of 90-310V in the range of 190V-240V, and then sends it to the parameter regulator for precise voltage stabilization.

The parametric regulator consists of an LC oscillator with an inductor and a capacitor, with an oscillation frequency of 50 Hz. No matter how the city power changes, its oscillation frequency will not change, so the output voltage will not change, and the voltage regulation accuracy is high. Even if the input voltage waveform is very distorted, it is a standard sine wave after the output of the parametric voltage regulator, so the regulated power supply has strong anti-interference ability and purification ability.

Protection and alarm circuit: When there is a danger to the safety of the equipment, only audible and visual alarms are issued to remind the operator to take measures instead of cutting off the output voltage. When there is no output voltage, the temperature of the control box is too high, the mains input is higher than 300V, and the mains input will be audible and visual when the mains input is lower than 130V. When the input current is too large, the input (output) air automatic switch automatically trips.

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