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Conventional DC power supply--1KW
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Conventional DC power supply--1KW
Input voltage: AC220V
The output voltage: DC0-10KV
Output Power: 1KW
Protection type: Short circuit, over voltage, over temperature
Pressure rating: To the shell 1.5KV, 1min
cooling method: Air-cooled
Dimensions: 210 * 88 * 350mm width * height * depth
Optional functions: 232,485, analog control
Display accuracy: ± 0.2% ± 2 words
Adjustment method: Analog / digital potentiometer
Ripple coefficient: Rated voltage 0.3% ± 20mv
Product Details

The conventional 19-inch rack supports 1-10KW, please confirm after communicating with the shape above 10KW.

The company's various power supplies and switching power supplies are widely used in various fields such as industry, transportation, scientific research, military, aviation, post and telecommunications, etc. with their reliable quality and high-quality services. Especially in capacitors, DC motors, relays, electroplating, oxidation, electrophoresis, electrolysis, corrosion, energization, water treatment, and other instrument and meter manufacturers, they have been widely promoted, and they have also won in various universities and research institutes. Many positive reviews. For many years, we have been devoted to the research, development and production of various switching power supplies. We have invested huge manpower and materials in the improvement of our products. We have continuously introduced new technologies and products, and attracted a large number of outstanding talents to join.

DC power supply scope:
Scientific research units, laboratories, automated electronic testing equipment, production lines, electrolysis, electroplating, surface treatment, motor test aging, new energy, photovoltaic module test aging systems, automotive industry, electronic components, capacitors, water treatment, electrochemical treatment systems, The best choice for power supplies for industrial equipment such as instruments.

Technical specifications of DC power supply:
恒压值连续可调范围:0—最大值 1.Constant voltage value continuously adjustable range: 0—maximum

恒流值连续可调范围:0—最大值 2.Continuous adjustable range of constant current value: 0—maximum

电压保护值特性:自动跟踪输出电压 3.Voltage protection value characteristics: automatic tracking output voltage

负载效应(电流调整率):恒压(CV)小于0.2% 4. Load effect (current adjustment rate): constant voltage (CV) is less than 0.2%

源效应(电压调整率):恒压(CV)小于0.2% 5. Source effect (voltage adjustment rate): constant voltage (CV) is less than 0.2%
6. Ripple coefficient: Constant voltage (CV) is less than 0.2% (effective value)
7. Protection function: short circuit, over voltage, over current.
8. Insulation resistance: ≥5MΩ
9. Compressive strength: 1500V 60S
10. Temperature coefficient: less than 0.4 × 10-4 ℃ (after 30 minutes warm-up)
11. Input power: ~ 220V ± 10% / ~ 380V ± 10% /, 50HZ

DC power function expansion: (optional)

电压电流预置功能,预置精度1% 1. Voltage and current preset function, preset accuracy 1%

电压电流外部控制,控制信号:A.0-10V B.0-5V C.0-10mA D. 0-10Ma 2. Voltage and current external control, control signal: A.0-10V B.0-5V C.0-10mA D. 0-10Ma

电压电流测量:A.0-10V B.0-5V C.0-10mA D. 0-10mA 3. Voltage and current measurement: A.0-10V B.0-5V C.0-10mA D. 0-10mA

输出通断控制:电平或闭合触点 4. Output on / off control: level or closed contact

输出脉冲功能:4位通断脉冲时间可设定 5. Output pulse function: 4-bit on-off pulse time can be set

数字程控功能:可支持232/485以及其它通信方式 6. Digital program control function: support 232/485 and other communication methods

液晶显示功能:可选配液晶触摸屏控制方式 7. LCD display function: optional LCD touch screen control mode

智能控制功能:可通过上位机监控多路电源输出状态并且保存成表格形式 7. Intelligent control function: It can monitor the status of multiple power outputs through the host computer and save it in a form

Technical indicators:

系列线性直流电源技术指标: Technical specifications of NMPSAD / DD series linear DC power supply:
Device Name: Linear DC Power Supply

Specifications: NMPSAD / DD series (please consult customer service for custom DC input)

AC input: AC220V ± 10%, within 50 / 60Hz 6KW AC380V ± 10%, above 50 / 60Hz 6KW

DC output: Output voltage: 0-rated value Output current: 0-rated value

Power supply voltage accuracy: ≤0.2% + 10mV
Power supply current accuracy: ≤0.3% + 30mV
Power source effect: ≤0.1% full scale calculation Power supply load effect: ≤0.3% full scale calculation ripple: ≤0.1% + 10mV Regulated state (effective value) ≤0.2% + 10mV steady state (effective value)

Insulation resistance: ≥5MΩ
Compressive strength: 1500V 60S
Display mode: Voltage and current meters are LED display (optional) LCD liquid crystal display (optional)
Display resolution: voltmeter 0.1V ammeter 0.1A (different power supply display may be different)
Over-voltage protection: The protection value is 10% of the rated value. The machine self-locks and restarts the machine to automatically unlock the over-current protection: rated current output overload protection, short-circuit protection (close the output after a short circuit, optional)
Over-temperature protection: The protection value is 85 ° C ± 5%, and the output is turned off after protection.
Output Polarity: The output positive (+) output negative (-) can be grounded arbitrarily. Cooling mode: temperature-controlled leveling cooling, water cooling (optional)
Operating environment: Indoor use design, temperature 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃; humidity 10% ~ 85% RH
Storage environment: temperature -20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃; humidity 10% ~ 90% RH

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