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Customization--programmed module power
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Customization--programmed module power
Input voltage: DC12V
The output voltage: DC0-500V
Output Power: 5W
Protection type: Short circuit, over voltage, over temperature
Pressure rating: To the shell 1.5KV, 1min
cooling method: Free cooling
Dimensions: 25.4mm * 50.8mm * 10mm
Display accuracy: ± 0.2% ± 2 words
Adjustment method: DC0-5V
Ripple coefficient: Rated voltage 0.3% ± 20mv
Product Details

Support analog power 0-5V control, widely used in precision equipment.

NDSG_12D0-500_2W5 Product model: NDSG_12D0-500_2W5

Technical indicators:

50.8mm* 25.4mm* 10.16mm Dimensions: length 50.8mm * width 25.4mm * height 10.16mm

12V 11.4V-12.6V Input characteristics: 12V ( 11.4V-12.6V )

0-500V@2MA Output characteristics: 0-500V @ 2MA

5MA 以上会限流保护。 Protection mode: constant voltage and current limit, instantaneous maximum current output above 5MA will limit current protection.

Test category

Vo1 (0-500Vdc)


Output voltage accuracy

99% > 99%

:运放无负压供电,输出可能不到零 . 1 : The op amp has no negative voltage power supply, and the output may be less than zero .

:稳压精度 10%-90% 额定值 2 : Voltage regulation accuracy 10% -90% rated value

Source effect

<± 1%

Nominal load, full voltage

Load effect

<± 1%

额定负载 20% -100% rated load

Ripple and noise


Start delay time


Typical value

General characteristics:

Conversion efficiency

输入满载 12V input full load

70% > 70%

operating frequency


典型值 200K typical

Operating temperature

Free air convection

55 降额使用 Derating above 55

℃ - -55 -25 --55

Maximum case temperature


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