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Custom--high-speed response power
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Custom--high-speed response power
Input voltage: AC220V
The output voltage: DC0-100V
Output Power: 0-10KW
Protection type: Short circuit, over voltage, over temperature
Withstand voltage rating: To the shell 1.5KV, 1min
cooling method: Air-cooled
Dimensions: Length 650 * width 450 * height 1100mm
Optional functions: 232,485, analog control
Display accuracy: ± 0.2% ± 2 words
Adjustment method: Industrial configuration screen
Ripple coefficient: Rated voltage 0.3% ± 20mv
Product Details

The high-speed response power supply can greatly reduce the response time of the conventional closed-loop system power supply. The response time of any voltage switching of the conventional power supply system is generally longer than 100ms. Accelerating the response speed will cause system instability and severe overshoot. The high-speed response power supply produced by our company can reduce the switching time of any voltage to less than 1MS, and the overshoot is less than 3%.

Technical parameters: NMPS220AD100V100A

输入电压:AC220V。 1. Input voltage: AC220V.

输出电压:DC45V 2. Output voltage: DC45V

输出电流:DC100A 3. Output current: DC100A

输出功率:4.5KW 4. Output power: 4.5KW

操作界面:10寸电阻屏,可智能显示操作控制。 5. Operation interface: 10-inch resistive screen, which can intelligently display operation control.

上升时间:电压Umin-Umax上升时间小于2ms。 6. Rise time: The rise time of voltage Umin-Umax is less than 2ms.

下降时间:电压Umax-Umin下降时间小于2ms。 7. Falling time: The falling time of voltage Umax-Umin is less than 2ms.

显示格式:00.0-45.0V,000-100A精度最大值±1%±1个字。 8. Display format: 00.0-45.0V, 000-100A maximum accuracy ± 1% ± 1 word.

输出温飘:小于0.3%。 9. Output temperature drift: less than 0.3%.

输出时飘:小于0.3%。 10, drift when output: less than 0.3%.

输出纹波:小于0.3%。 11. Output ripple: less than 0.3%.

保护类型:过流,过温,短路。 12. Protection type: over current, over temperature, short circuit.

使用环境温度: 0 ℃~45℃。 13. Working environment temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃.

使用环境湿度: 相对湿度80%RH。 14, the use of environmental humidity: relative humidity of 80% RH.

存放环境温度:-10 ℃~70℃。 15. Storage environment temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 70 ℃.

存放环境湿度: 相对湿度90%RH。 16. Storage environment humidity: relative humidity 90% RH.

设备尺寸:1100*650*450MM(高*长*宽)。 17. Equipment size: 1100 * 650 * 450MM (height * length * width).

重量:约75KG。 18. Weight: about 75KG.

Configuration screen support functions:

触摸控制。 1. Touch control.

历史曲线。 2. History curve.

实时电压,电流,压力,温度等参数显示。 3. Real-time display of voltage, current, pressure, temperature and other parameters.

历史数据下载。 4. Download historical data.

其它功能可添加。 5. Other functions can be added.

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