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Custom--1MHZ pulse
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Custom--1MHZ pulse
Input voltage: AC220V
The output voltage: Unipolar / bipolar 0-100KV max
Output Power: 0-10KW
Protection type: Short circuit, over voltage, over temperature
Withstand voltage rating: To the shell 1.5KV, 1min
cooling method: Air-cooled
Dimensions: 210 * 88 * 350mm width * height * depth
Optional functions: 232,485, analog control
Display accuracy: ± 0.2% ± 2 words
Adjustment method: Analog / digital potentiometer
Output frequency: 0-10MHZ max
Output waveform: Single / bipolar sine wave / triangle wave / square wave, etc.
Duty cycle: 0-100%
Rise Time: 10% -90% rise time minimum 10ns
Ripple coefficient: Rated voltage 0.3% ± 20mv
Product Details

Professional high-frequency DC power supply custom manufacturer, bipolar multi-waveform power supply can support sine wave, triangle wave, square wave and other waveforms. Support the maximum frequency of 0-10MHZ, support the duty cycle of 0-100%. Support maximum voltage 0-100KV, support maximum current 0-100A. Widely used in universities, research institutes, and other scientific research institutions. The industry is widely used in ion excitation, gas excitation, coating, spark machine, laser.

Technical Parameters:

Product model NMPS220AD20V10A

输入电压:AC220V 1. Input voltage: AC220V

输出电压:DC0-20V连续可调峰值电压,最小调节单位0.01V,稳定脉冲值。 2. Output voltage: DC0-20V continuously adjustable peak voltage, minimum adjustment unit is 0.01V, stable pulse value.

输出电流:DC0-10A连续可调峰值电流,最小调节单位0.01A,平均值。 3. Output current: DC0-10A continuously adjustable peak current, minimum adjustment unit 0.01A, average value.

输出波形:单极性方波。 4. Output waveform: Unipolar square wave.

输出功率:峰值功率200W。 5. Output power: 200W peak power.

输出占空比:0-100%。 6. Output duty: 0-100%.

输出频率:0-1MHZ方波,最小调节单位1KHZ。 7. Output frequency: 0-1MHZ square wave, the minimum adjustment unit is 1KHZ.

波形延时:10%-90%上升或下降沿小于50ns。 8. Waveform delay: 10% -90% rising or falling edge is less than 50ns.

显示格式:00-20.0,000-10.0精度最大值±1%±1个字,液晶显示。 9, display format: 00-20.0, 000-10.0 accuracy maximum ± 1% ± 1 word, LCD display.

输出温飘:小于0.3%。 10. Output temperature drift: less than 0.3%.

输出时飘:小于0.3%。 11. Output drift: less than 0.3%.

电压电流调节:按键/数字旋钮控制。 12, voltage and current adjustment: button / digital knob control.

支持串口自带协议/MODBUS标准协议,读取/控制电压电流,外控(选配功能,默认无此功能)。 13. Support serial protocol / MODBUS standard protocol, read / control voltage and current, external control (optional function, no such function by default).

保护类型:过流,过温,短路。 14, protection type: over current, over temperature, short circuit.

使用环境温度:0℃~45℃。 15. Working environment temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃.

使用环境湿度:相对湿度80%RH。 16. Operating environment humidity: relative humidity 80% RH.

存放环境温度:-10℃~70℃。 17. Storage environment temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 70 ℃.

存放环境湿度:相对湿度90%RH。 18. Storage environment humidity: relative humidity 90% RH.

直流保证:连续24H工作,一年质保。 19, DC guarantee: continuous 24H work, one year warranty.

设备尺寸:88/350/210MM(高*深*宽)。 20. Equipment size: 88/350 / 210MM (height * depth * width).

重量:约7.5KG。 21. Weight: about 7.5KG.

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